The KiraVan™ Trailer is normally connected to the Tractor and can share power, pneumatics, hydraulics, networks, and communications. However, it is also fully capable of operating independently as a stationary base station when the tractor is in use for other purposes. Even when separated, the two vehicles remain data-connected and may perform coordinated tasks.

To overcome the problem of a normal trailer’s limited off-road capability, this design atypically adds a hydrostatically driven axle, coordinated (with the Tractor) long-throw hydro-pneumatic suspension and Central Tire Inflation system, and a 2-axis articulated fifth wheel.

The KiraVan™ Trailer utilizes a composite rising-roof structural design with separate but interconnected crew and Technical E/O cabins, two novel SwingOut® expansion compartments for the Galley Kitchen and Bathroom/Entryway, and a roof mounted tent-style sleeper penthouse. This combined expansion scheme provides approximately 50% internal volume expansion when deployed.

Trailer Side View

CUSTOM 6X6 HYDRODRIVE SYSTEM – This unique system uses a hydrostatic drive system to provide power to the rear trailer axle in extreme off road conditions (sand, mud, snow, etc.) enabling 6×6 operation at speeds up to 25mph, at which speed the system automatically disengages and the trailer axle freewheels.  The trailer axle is suspended and controlled by the same hydropneumatic system as the tractor and shares the same CTIS functionality.

TECHNICAL POWER SYSTEMS – A hushed 25kW diesel generator and one of the modular high-current battery banks with static inverters and UPS systems provide technical power. A solar battery charging system complements a hydraulically-driven 570 amp alternator. The battery bank resides in a sealed stainless steel housing, with integrated charge state monitor and winter heater. There is an auto-ejecting shore power connection for use when external power is available.

CABIN CONSTRUCTION – Super-insulated composite wall construction – using mixed carbon, aramid, and fiberglass reinforcement – includes bonded metal mesh screening for RF shielding and lightning protection. One trailer SwingOut® module system provides an entryway and bathroom; another provides a kitchen. A motorized, rising roof mechanism above the main cabin and Electro-Optical compartment effectively doubles the internal work volume when deployed.

OFFICE The office space provides two network-connected general purpose computers (plus portable device wi-fi access), a printer/scanner, and access to the vehicle computers and database storage servers. These host all normal office applications, as well as video editing and image processing, GIS, and signal processing software.  Adjacent to this area is the Operator’s Console, which houses the equipment, displays, and controls for communications, receiver control and signal analysis, HD video and high-resolution imaging, PNT, and remotely-operated vehicle control and telemetry reception.

DSC_7059a-400x300GALLEY AND KITCHEN – The kitchen incorporates a refrigerator, freezer, convection oven, microwave oven, induction and infrared cook tops, and a sink with hot and cold-filtered water. Fold out cooking surfaces provide an additional work area, and the induction range may be taken outdoors for exterior cooking.  A variety of pantry storage options are arrayed throughout the main cabin.

DINING AREA – Three banquette seats surround an adjustable table (with folding leaves) that can lower to provide a luggage storage compartment during transit or another sleeping area upon arrival.  The entertainment systems include a server-based media library and satellite HDTV. A 4K monitor can be used as a graphics terminal for maps, internet, and video editing or screening.

SLEEPING AREAS – The main sleeping loft is on a composite balcony, above which extends the pop-up penthouse sleeping tent. As noted, the dining room table may be lowered to be flush with the bench seating to form a third sleeping area.

BATHROOM AND ENTRYWAY – The entryway doubles as a shower and toilet room with a vanity sink.  The bathroom is covered with a multi-faceted skylight, and the toilet incinerates all waste into a harmless powder that is non-toxic and biologically sterile.